11 July, 2012

Telly - the lost piece 1

The Telly Box; physically is just a large light bulb. The filaments are heated up and produce a ray of electrons and it bombards the coating behind the screen. As the creator of this magnificent piece of ingenuity combines radio and video signals, what we see on the other side of this big fat bulb is a piece of work, one that is finely tuned and orchestrated by the complexity of electronic circuitry, ironically, is what we always wanted; an escapism from our reality; living pictures that have sounds, music and irritating noises. Some can be beamed ‘live’, some are ‘on demand’ and some are just plain routine broadcasting, desperately trying to push up for ratings.

Some may use Telly as a source of information, to replay their video recordings, to use it for their game consoles, and perhaps a type of therapy, or even to display any of their precious ornaments, pictures of pride and joy or even just to show off how fantastic their home entertainment system that they manage to conjure.

With the sudden bloom of reality TV programmes, the stupid Telly Box is now not only the one that is entertaining, but getting us to see our own reflection. The Big Brother show may be a reflection of society, Mencari Cinta may reflect on how choosy women and their families are ( and to show how men can put up an honest mask over their egoistic face )….of those Talent shows, like Some Country Idol,or some What-is-it Academy is a sad reflection on how easy it is to gain fame and to make the big telecommunication fat cat become more rich and filthy.

Guns don’t kill people. People do. Telly don’t make you a couch potato. Those programmes that people create do. Cars don’t kill elderly pedestrians. People do. There is no such thing as “What is wrong with the world we live?” …but “What is wrong with these people?”

The next time you watch Telly, just remember that you’re staring at a massive light bulb that speaks, and it may sound ridiculous, but the Telly is the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you watching me at all?” Enjoy reflecting on your self. Perhaps reflection is what we people need after all.

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