10 July, 2012

3-day weekend part 2

Left home just about 4 pm heading towards Jalan TAR (Tunku Abdul Rahman). The crowd seems a bit more than usual, almost matching the volume during near-Eid.

Above is what we see near-Eid...only in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

The hunt for a black Baju Melayu was brief. I insisted it had to be from Kamdar since a Baju Melayu is just a Baju Melayu to be worn perhaps no more than 10 time post-Eid.

Then is was up to the 3rd and 4th floor to get some extra goodies. A few cushoin covers and a table cloth plus some kid-size baju kurung for my niece(s).

"Malam Ramadhan patutnya kita cari Lailatul Qadar, ini kita pi cari LaiLatuh Kamdar". *Cough*

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